11th challenge completed – Badminton

What I originally thought was going to be a relatively easy challenge to complete, ended up being a little bit more difficult. As with most of the sports that I’ve already tried at some point in my life, I was keen to make sure that the challenge involved taking part in a competitive/organised match.

So despite playing a couple of times in a social environment, I was struggling to find a competition that I could enter. There are loads of events for experienced players and social meet ups but unlike Tennis their aren’t many beginner level tournaments around. It looked like the only way to complete this challenge was to utilise the Badminton element of Racketlon as described in a previous post.

However, by chance I came across Battle Badminton, a Badminton England initiative to encourage participation and competition. So I registered on the site, set up a profile and began challenging people to a game. Unfortunately I didn’t get too many responses until today when a fellow player challenged me to a game at Brentford Leisure Centre.

I was slightly nervous that I was going to be thrashed as despite playing now and again, I am essentially a beginner relying on my hand eye coordination developed from Tennis. Luckily I played quite well and there wasn’t a huge gap between us. We played 5 sets in total and I only lost 3-2. Not a bad start but a defeat all the same. Hopefully I can get a win soon to post online.


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