Had a little kayak and mountain biking taster last week in Greece as part of an organised “Biyak” trip. Think I’m going to enjoy the kayak slightly more than the mountain biking. There were some seriously fit people on the holiday. We must have cycled about 2 miles, mostly downhill. One of the other trips was a gruelling 80km ride. No thanks.

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Table Tennis

I played in a fun table tennis tournament during my recent holiday in Greece. Despite a promising start with wins in my opening 2 matches, I crashed out in the semi-finals and then lost the 3/4th playoff.

I would like to compete in an official tournament before I consider this challenge complete. Might have to practice a bit more as well.

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After not sailing for 4 years I attended a short refresher course on my recent holiday. After a couple of days on the water in light winds, we had a strong storm and in fairly testing conditions I attended the intro-to-racing course. Although I capsized 3 times in my “lazer pico” I was ready for the regatta. So the next day 20 boats were rigged up and I was ready to complete my first Olympic challenge. But just as the briefing was about to start, thunder was heard and despite pleading from many of my fellow competitors the race was postponed and later cancelled.

Maybe next year!

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Going to the Olympic park tomorrow to watch the Paralympic Swimming and Athletics. Been watching every night and really looking forward to seeing some inspiring performances.

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