12th challenge completed – Table Tennis

Similarly to Badminton, I expected Table Tennis to be a relatively easy challenge. However, due to this being one of the challenges that required competing in an organised tournament, the hardest thing was to find a tournament that I could participate in. Eventually, after a lot of searching I found a tournament at Highbury Table Tennis Club.

I didn’t know what sort out standard to expect. Having played Table Tennis quite a few times in my life, I was pretty confident that I could hold my own against standard club players and like most Tennis players we think we’re pretty good and all other racket sports. When I turned up there were a few pretty serious players knocking up and quite a few others looking pretty keen. Luckily, although the majority were pretty good there were also a few players I felt that I could compete with and I was put into a group with two of these.

Despite loosing both my games, the matches were pretty close and I was happy with my showing. With Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis under my belt I think I’ll give the Racketlon a go at some point next year.

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