Equestrian – the start of the end!

I’ve started the toughest of all of the Olympic challenges – learn Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. As I’ve mentioned a few times, I wasn’t really sure how I was going to complete these challenges – however after today’s session at the Hewshott Farm Stables¬† (www.hewshottfarmstables.co.uk) I have some confidence that it’s possible.

unspecifiedThanks to Mum for finding a local riding school close to their home, Rhian and I had our introductory horse riding lesson today. I had ‘been’ on a horse before, but not sure I’d ever really ridden one. You always here about how difficult they are to control and subsequently how dangerous horse riding can be, so I was a little apprehensive. After briefing Caroline, our coach for the day, about the challenge, we were quickly on the horses (Blue – for Rhian, Buddy – for me) and my nervousness went almost immediately and I actually felt relatively comfortable and in some sort of control.

unspecified3The first part of the lesson was focused on getting to know the riding position and feeling comfortable with the reigns. We walked around with the horses for a while, maneuvering  them in different directions around the pen and learning how to get the horses to start and stop. So far so good so we gave trotting a go. I honestly thought I would spend the first 2 or 3 lessons just sitting on the horse, so to be trotting along, bopping up and down 5 minutes later was pretty amazing. I was really enjoying myself and beginning to understand how this challenge could actually be achieved.

unspecified2The lesson in total was just 30 minutes, but we covered loads in such a small amount of time and by the end my thighs were killing – I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning!!

So lesson 1 down – lesson 2 booked for two weeks time, I now have a clear plan for my remaining challenges with 133 days to go!


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Both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics are going to take place on 25th June.

England vs. Wales – more details to follow!!


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Hockey at the Olympic park

This evening (7th Jan) I had my first session of Rush hockey at the Olympic park. Rush hockey is a 7 a-side version of Hockey and is becoming increasing popular in the UK. Surprisingly, having not really enjoyed hockey at school, I really enjoyed it. Part of this I think was down to the set up. There were only 6 of us, mixed ability, and I could definitely hold my own and we spent most of the hour going through drills with the final 20 minutes saved for a fun game. The other great thing about the sessions is that they are pay and play. I can’t make it every week but hopefully I get to a few before the planned matches at the end of March.


Completed my second session last night (21st Jan). There were just 3 of us which gave us plenty of opportunity for coaching covering passing, reverse stick technique, shooting and penalty flicks. All good fun. Can’t make next week’s session but will be attending again in February.


Having completed my 3rd and 4th Hockey sessions, I’m now ready for a mini tournament, taking place on 7th April to complete this challenge. *Tournament was cancelled, so I’ll have to find another date to complete this challenge*

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