23rd challenge completed – Rowing

After a crazy weekend of sport (parkrun, beach volleyball, tennis, mixed netball and marshaling at the Ealing Eagles 20 mile self-timed run) it was time for the rowing challenge.

I really wanted to join a ‘learn to row’ course, but it was proving too difficult to find a course that I could attend in its entirety so I decided that the best solution would be a 1-2-1 private lesson. My lesson was with the Team Keane Rowing Club in Chiswick. (http://www.teamkeane.com/)

Before the session I was quietly confident that I would be ok at rowing and that it could potentially be one of the sports that I continue following the completion of the challenge. I knew that rowing was a technical sport as well as a power sport but I don’t think I appreciated how important the technique part is. We started on the indoor rower to get a feel for some of the basics, before quickly heading down to the water in a double skull with my instructor, Claire. She talked through the components of the oar and the blades and explained the key element of the technique. At first I really struggled to put everything together but bit by bit we worked on individual aspects of the technique and I soon got the hang of it.

We spent around an hour on the water in total and I progressed more than I thought I would after just one session. I was looking to book another session, but luck has it that they are starting another ‘learn to row’ course in November, which I should be able to attend. The idea of these courses, is that by the end of it you should be able to start training with one of the men’s squads and therefore there is a chance that I could end up in a regatta before the challenge is up in 2016.

I really enjoyed this session so watch this space for more rowing updates in the future.

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