28th challenge completed – Indoor volleyball

2015 so far has been full on, to-date I’ve run over 100 miles, including the ultimate challenge of scaling box hill in Surrey, taking part in a boxing session and today I’ve completed my 28th Olympic challenge.2015-01-24 12.29.14

I’ve been following Go Mammoth for a while now as they run various sporting events and competitions. They describe themselves as UK’s number one social sports and fitness club, encouraging an easy way into sport, whether you are part of a team or an individual.

One of the sports that they run is volleyball, with many weekly leagues taking place across London. I had hoped to take part in one of the leagues, but the location of the matches means that it is difficult for me to commit to a full schedule. Luckily they occasionally run clinics so I signed up to one taking place at Paddington Academy.2015-01-24 12.32.47

The 2 hour session (lasted 3 hours), consisted of basic skills, advanced drills and various game play situations. There were 22 people in total, but despite the large numbers the coach, Mark, did a great job keeping things moving and making the session enjoyable.

I actually learnt a lot and felt that I really held my own despite the majority of the other players being part of the regular leagues.

I hoping it hasn’t taken too much out of my legs, as I’m about to go on a 16 mile run.2015-01-24 12.32.44

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