31st challenge completed – Taekwondo

Following the my previous week’s session at Taekwondo, I returned this week for my second session. It started with more of the same, an extended warm up with various technique and flexibility exercises. The difference this week was that instead of splitting of into two groups, we all stayed in our various lines and the whole session was a progressive technique workshop focusing on different punching and kicking motions.

It’s pretty obvious to me that this isn’t a sport that I am likely to excel at, partly because of the need for both balance and flexibility which definitely isn’t my strong point. It was however something that I really enjoyed and the exercises were likely to be beneficial for running and other sports.

Overall in the two sessions, I think I’ve got a good understanding of the sport, some of the history and etiquette and what is required to be successful. For now, I going to settle for this and move onto the next challenge.

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