7th challenge completed – Golf

2 challenges completed in 3 days.

I’ve played Golf most of my life, but prior to today my experience was limited to causal rounds with my mates and participation in our annual BOS Golf tournament, where the focus is primarily about drinking and less about the scoring. As a result my game has pretty much stagnated over the past 10-15 years.

I was therefore looking forward to entering a tournament and hopefully moving my game forward.

Having joined the UK Golf League (www.ukgolfleague.com) a couple of weeks ago, I received a text this morning confirming my tee-off time at 2.30pm at Strawberry Hill Golf Club. Slight panic set in as I hadn’t played Golf for almost a year so I headed to the driving range to get in some practice.

Things didn’t start particularly well with the first couple of balls ending up closer to the unsuspecting golfers on the range than to my intended target. However, things improved quickly and I left the range feeling surprisingly confident ahead of the competition.

On arrival at Strawberry Hill, I was placed into a 4 ball to start my first ever competitive round of Golf. This was round 9 of the league and with only 1 round after this before the final, the majority of my competitors had been playing regularly for a number of weeks. I was slightly nervous on the first hole and thinned a 9 iron 30 yards through the green. Luckily the lie was playable and I escaped with a 1 over par 4. The round afterwards was pretty scratchy and I ended the 9 holes with a score of 50, which was 18 over par. It wasn’t my best round of golf, but I enjoyed the day and hopefully I will find the time to participate in most of thel 10 rounds of the league next year.

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