9th and 10th challenges completed – Greco Roman and Freestyle Wrestling

I recently completed the wrestling challenge. Again, as per weightlifting, I wasn’t really sure where to start, but after a few google searches and looking at the British wrestling homepage I came across a club in West London.

I didn’t know what to expect and was hoping that there were going to be others in a similar situation to me, trying out the sport for the first time. Unfortunately, everyone taking part in the session was relatively experienced and I felt a little bit out of place. Overall I found the experience quite strange. The warm up involved practicing flips, fireman’s carries, forward rolls and cartwheels and there wasn’t much guidance as to what I should and shouldn’t get involved in as a first timer.

We were then paired up and started to practice the techniques of both forms of wrestling. Although I didn’t really enjoy it, I did get an appreciate of the strength and agility required to be successful at this sport. Can’t see myself carrying this particular sport!

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