BBC Radio London – Mark Forrest Show

Live interview on the Mark Forrest Show on BBC Radio London.



Mark: “And we meet the man ahead of Rio 2016 who’s already tried all the sports ….”

Mark: “You’re going to meet a guy who has taken on a very specific challenge in the run up to the games…..”

Mark:“Now I sat in the Olympic Stadium; I saw Jess Ennis; I didn’t feel the need to do what you’ve done …….WHY?”

James: “I thought: this has been the most incredible experience; these few weeks of the Olympics; it can’t finish now; I can’t wait four years to have all this emotion again; so I thought: what can I do to keep this alive in myself? … Why not start a challenge and try every Olympic sport?”

You can hear the interview (until end August) on BBC at: – interview starts 37mins into the recording,

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