12th challenge completed – Table Tennis

Similarly to Badminton, I expected Table Tennis to be a relatively easy challenge. However, due to this being one of the challenges that required competing in an organised tournament, the hardest thing was to find a tournament that I could participate in. Eventually, after a lot of searching I found a tournament at Highbury Table Tennis Club.

I didn’t know what sort out standard to expect. Having played Table Tennis quite a few times in my life, I was pretty confident that I could hold my own against standard club players and like most Tennis players we think we’re pretty good and all other racket sports. When I turned up there were a few pretty serious players knocking up and quite a few others looking pretty keen. Luckily, although the majority were pretty good there were also a few players I felt that I could compete with and I was put into a group with two of these.

Despite loosing both my games, the matches were pretty close and I was happy with my showing. With Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis under my belt I think I’ll give the Racketlon a go at some point next year.

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I’ve been looking at entry level tournaments for both Badminton and Table Tennis. Whilst there are events, they are few a far between. I recently came across Racketlon, which should help me to achieve the above challenges.

Racketlon is a combination of Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Tennis, where matches are played to 21 points across each of the disciplines. There are events played throughout the year and I’m confident of being able to hold my own in Tennis and Table Tennis. Badminton will take a little practice and I have little to no experience of Squash.

The first opportunity is the English Open in October but I may wait until next year to hone my Badminton and Squash skills.


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Table Tennis

I played in a fun table tennis tournament during my recent holiday in Greece. Despite a promising start with wins in my opening 2 matches, I crashed out in the semi-finals and then lost the 3/4th playoff.

I would like to compete in an official tournament before I consider this challenge complete. Might have to practice a bit more as well.

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Table tennis

The challenge is to compete in an organised tournament in either singles or doubles. I have played recreational table tennis and the hand eye coordination that I have from playing tennis should hopefully help.

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