Quick update

So I’ve been quiet on this site over the past few weeks. This is partly due to starting a new job, but mainly due to giving my body a bit of a rest after the marathon.

In reality the rest didn’t last that long and I started playing rugby a couple of weeks after the marathon. The first 2 matches, despite loosing, were really good fun and I’m in a team with a really good bunch of people. Unfortunately after playing the 2nd match, we had a bit of a practice and I managed to tweak both of my hamstrings. Luckily it wasn’t too serious and I’m back playing running and playing tennis and plan to play in my 3rd rugby match tomorrow. Technically I’ve completed the rugby challenge having now played a couple of matches, but I’ll save the full report until we’ve completed the season.

Hoping to start Water Polo this Thursday so watch out for updates shortly on this as well.

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