After a few false starts I’ve finally given Taekwondo a go. There were a few options around London, but after my previous negative experiences with martial arts I really wanted to join a proper beginners session. As a result I signed up for Taekwondo London, which is a traditional taekwondo association (WTF-sytle) club. Their website is http://www.taekwondo-london.co.uk/ and at various times during the year they hold specific beginner sessions as well as regular weekly sessions that beginners are able to attend.

As a result, my experience was far more enjoyable then with Judo and I actually came away from the session, looking forward to going back.

There were about 25 pupils in the session and like most martial arts there is a hierarchy and individuals line up depending on their grading and experience. This actually works out really well as during the warm up sessions, it gives those with less experience the opportunity to watch others. After the extended warm up, myself and 4 other beginners were split off from the other group and we focused on the basics techniques. I generally managed ok, but it did require a huge amount of focus, and balance, the latter of which is not something that I’m naturally gifted with.

I’m definitely going to go next week and take it from there.

Watch this space!

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