The London Marathon

Today was 36th London Marathon. 3 years ago, I crossed the line in a world of pain, in a time of 4 hours 36 minutes.2016-04-06 18.21.13 At the time, I had no interest in running another marathon, now a day hardly goes by without me talking about marathons. I had a place in this years’ event, but having ran 2 marathons last year, I decided that I would defer my place and run next year.

So in 2017, I will (hopefully) have completed my Olympic challenge and be able to put all my focus into achieving my goal in the London Marathon.

I’ve run 4.36 – 3.55 – 3.22 – 3.16 in my previous 4 marathons and have given a lot of thought into the goal for 2017. The obvious, ultimate goal would be to go under 3 hours, but having only just dipped under the 1.30 mark for a half marathon, I think that would be stretching it a bit for next year.

I have never considered myself a runner, and still don’t really consider myself one, however I’m not far off the times needed to qualify for many of the major marathons. In 2018, I’ll be 35. For New York, I’d need a time of 2.55, which isn’t realistic. Boston relax the time for over 35s so the time there is 3.10, although that doesn’t automatically qualify you, so realistically I’d need something around 3.05, which is the Good for Age time for London. I would be ecstatic to qualify for London based on the time I can run a marathon, so 3.05 it is. This equates to an average pace of 7.03 minutes per mile or 4.22 minutes per kilometer.

I’m setting this out now, as although this is possible, it’s definitely going to be challenge and will require hitting a number of milestones along the way. This will be my 5th marathon and from past performances, I have a rough idea of where I need to be in terms of my 5k,10k and half marathon times. Targets are as follows:

2016 – 1st half of the year

  • 5k = 19 minutes 45 seconds
  • 10k = 40 minutes
  • HM = 1 hour 29 minutes (achieved 1.28.51 on 3rd April)

2016 – 2nd half of the year

  • 5k = 19 minutes 30 seconds
  • 10k = 39 minutes 30 seconds
  • HM = 1 hour 28 minutes

2017 – during marathon training

  • 5k = 19 minutes
  • 10k = 39 minutes
  • HM = 1 hour 26 minutes 30 seconds
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