Wellington Triathlon

Having completed the Thames Turbo Triathlon in May, I still wasn’t sure whether I was convinced with the sport. The wet weather, early start and almost crashing my bike certainly didn’t help things.

I decided to give it another try, only this time over a longer distance. I still struggle with the swimming so when I came across the Wellington Triathlon (set in the beautiful grounds of Wellington college), the 400m swim, 20 mile cycle and 10k run was ideal. I managed to persuade Jimmy and Katie (recently engaged, congratulations guys) to compete with me.

It was a great day, glorious sunshine, beautiful scenery, 9am start and no accidents. It was a really enjoyable experience and one that has really given us all the bug for triathlons. Unlike last time, when the post race discussion was all about the weather, we dared to dream about open water swims, Olympic distance triathlons and at one point I think I even mentioned ‘Iron Man’. Probably getting a bit far ahead of myself.

So Triathlon is another sport that I have fallen in love with through this process. My focus (after the half marathons) will be to concentrate on the other challenges for a few months, but no doubt I’ll be back with a triathlon update sometime next year.

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